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You Save Money. You only pay if we lower your bills. If we are unable to lower your bills we will send you a $10 Visa Gift Card just for trying us. Lower My Bills.

In order to deal with Lower My Bills directly, please send all requests in writing to: LowerMyBills.com Attn: Law Department 4859 W Slauson Ave #405 Los Angeles, CA 90056.

Here’s the script and approach to use to lower your Verizon FIOS bill in half: Know what your paying now and what services you have. Pull out a paper bill or go online. Or you can, it’s better to log in online via the My Verizon Account Site. The site will show you what you have and what packages you can downgrade to to save some shekels.

Original review: Aug. 23, 2018. They promised lower payment or rates, but could not match my current mortgage. They could lower the rate by dropping the term and increasing my payment.

Category: Lowering bills. A few months ago my husband and I wrote down EVERY PENNY WE. Hi I am new here and am looking for lowering my bills too.

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Ah, phone plans. We know you can’t live without ’em, but maybe you could live without paying ridiculously high monthly fees? Despite what the carriers say, all network coverage is essentially the same.

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Original review: Aug. 23, 2018. They promised lower payment or rates, but could not match my current mortgage. They could lower the rate by dropping the term and increasing my payment.

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Lower My Bills. Refinance and pay off those high interest credit cards. Or refinance and get a better interest rates.

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