Wells Fargo forecloses on Florida man for paying his mortgage early

Perry Laspina was in the middle of foreclosure with the possibility of losing the house he owned in Jacksonville. Then the mail came one day in late January telling him that the house was his. Despite.

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Wells Fargo foreclosing on home for overpaying mortgage. Wells Fargo has taken a harsh tone in the case of a homeowner who sent in too much money one month in an effort to get ahead during the.

Man Who Paid His Mortgage Early Facing Foreclosure. Bryce. Wells Fargo offered him mortgage modification, and he was told if he made four monthly payments during a trial period, the.

Thousands of blacklisted florida borrowers who lost a home to foreclosure can get. office of Paramount Residential Mortgage Group. Shapiro said he is working on a loan under the new rule for a man.

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Wells Fargo Forecloses on Florida Man Who Paid on Time, Early Posted by 4closureFraud on May 16, 2013 4 Comments A man who made loan modification payments on time and early said Wells Fargo stopped taking payments and started foreclosing on his house.

One of the first cases Lewis calls is Wells Fargo v. Killgore. The lawyer for a condo association steps forward, pursuing $15,000 in unpaid dues and fines on a Boynton Beach apartment in foreclosure .

One of the strangest reasons we’ve heard for foreclosure is a homeowner owing no money at all. In 2011, a man living in Northampton, Massachusetts, and referred to only as Mark, received a notice.

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An Easton man and the bank that was foreclosing on his home. under its mortgage contract with Barber "to take reasonable action to secure and maintain the property" if payments weren’t made. "It.

"This is an epic problem the economy hasn’t even begun to digest," said Florida foreclosure. with Wells Fargo. As is standard in a refinance, the couple used the proceeds from their new loan to pay.

A Florida family man who not only made his mortgage payments on time but made payments early faces foreclosure by Wells Fargo. The explanation for initiating the foreclosure proceedings by Wells Fargo is nothing short of amazing and offers a sad commentary on how little has changed despite the 2008 financial crisis and supposed reforms like.