Romney Hits Gingrich on Housing Ties

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‘Obama for Gingrich’ memo hits Romney.. The memo lists the Democrats’ anti-Romney arguments on housing, jobs, retirement security, independents, seniors and Hispanics, without listing his.

The Romney campaign released its first negative ad of the campaign. By Romney for President on Publish Date January 23, 2012. embed Mitt Romney is taking his attacks on Newt Gingrich up a notch in a new television ad that tries to link him to the implosion of the housing market. The 30-second ad.

Florida Ad War: Mitt Pounds Newt.. The Romney ad accuses Gingrich of contributing to the housing crisis (which has hit Florida particularly hard) and for ethics violations.. As for flipping.

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Voters in 12 key swing states and nationally are split between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in their 2012 preferences, but pick Obama over Newt Gingrich. Gingrich and Romney are also nearly back to a tie in GOP nominee preferences.

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Romney also hit Gingrich on his ties to Freddie Mac. "He was at a debate saying the politicians who took money from Fannie and Freddie should go to jail, which is outrageous in itself," Romney.

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 · Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney speaks to reporters after holding a roundtable on housing issues at the Sheraton Tampa Riverwalk Hotel on Monday morning.. Newt Gingrich’s ties to.

Gingrich berated Romney earlier in the day at a campaign stop in Mount Dora, Fla., in a way that suggested he would launch his most ferocious debate attack on Romney that night at a CNN-sponsored.

Republicans Engage in Housing Bubble Debate. blood from former house speaker newt Gingrich on his Freddie Mac consulting ties.. accurately claimed that Romney and Gingrich had pushed for the.

Mount Dora, Florida (CNN) -Newt Gingrich offered a strong rebuke to Mitt Romney Thursday, calling his campaign "dishonest" and "grotesquely hypocritical" for pointing out his ties to the housing market crisis. The former House speaker seized on information from Romney’s 2011 financial disclosure form that reveals the former governor and businessman had his own connection to the crisis.

For Cuban Voters, Economy and housing issues loom large. TAMPA, FL – Looking at exit polls from four years ago, it’s easy to see why Mitt Romney’s presidential hopes ended in Florida. The.

Gingrich hits Romney as favorite of bailed-out bankers, George Soros. He said Monday that Romney’s ties to Wall Street would make it difficult for him to draw distinctions with President.