For a HARP Program Refinance Loan, how do I know if Fannie or Freddie has my Florida mortgage?

While HARP was created to help homeowners struggling with high mortgages, it was not designed for those already behind on their mortgages, or those who have filed, or are in the process of filing, for foreclosure. As such, if you have missed one or more mortgage payments, you will not be able to qualify for a HARP loan.

Am I eligible for the HARP Loan Refinance Program if I am behind on my Florida mortgage? The Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) is designed to help borrowers. people in Florida and 31,000 Californians alone eligible for a HARP refinance.. Not sure if your loan is held by Fannie or Freddie?. For more information, check out the HAMP website or contact your mortgage servicer.

That's right: Even if mortgage modifications are no longer dominating headlines. Refinance the loan: Modification generally is for borrowers who are in trouble.

How Much Will My Payments Be?. The Home Affordable Refinance Program ( HARP) issued by the federal government assists. Not sure if your loan is guaranteed by Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae?. We'll first ask to see your current mortgage statement to determine if your loan is backed by Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae.

Yes, you can refinance with HARP if you have a second mortgage. However, in accordance with HARP guidelines, you cannot combine your two mortgages in a cash-out refinance. To refinance your first mortgage via HARP, but leave your second mortgage unchanged,

There is no longer a maximum LTV limit for borrower eligibility. If the borrower ref