Consumers Were Robbed In The National Mortgage Settlement

As part of its settlement with the states, Wells Fargo has agreed to implement within 60 days a program through which consumers who believe they were affected by the bank’s conduct, but fell outside the prior restitution programs, can contact Wells Fargo to be reviewed for potential redress.

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The servicing standards under the settlement were in effect until the later part of 2015, though they are now largely duplicated by federal law. More Information on the national mortgage settlement. To learn more about the National Mortgage Settlement, go to

Understanding the National Mortgage Settlement 3 2013 National Consumer Law Center Servicers’ responsibilities related to the foreclosure and loss mitigation process are outlined in detail. Ally (formerly GMAC) filed for bankruptcy last year and its servicing assets were sold to Ocwen and Green Tree.

Approximately 72,000 Michigan borrowers affected by the National Mortgage Settlement will receive a share of approximately $107.2 million in restitution for mortgage servicing abuses related to.

"The National Mortgage Settlement was a first step in aiding homeowners who were impacted by the foreclosure crisis that devastated communities across this state. While there are still too many homeowners who are at-risk of foreclosure, today’s report is encouraging and reflects significant progress," said Attorney General Schneiderman .

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As part of this settlement, the National City Consent Order Administrator, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Department of Justice or your local U.S. Attorney’s office may contact you. You should treat any other contact claiming to be related to this settlement as a scam.

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National Mortgage Settlements in Michigan. The settlement complements the billion 2012 national mortgage settlement (nms) and the SunTrust Mortgage Inc. Settlement of over half a billion dollars. Like the previous settlements, HSBC’s settlement stems from allegations of misconduct related to mortgage loans, including origination, servicing and foreclosure.