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National Relaxation Day Activities. They’re both great ways to relax, but if they’re a bit too exotic for you, a different type of light exercise can work, too. 2. Help someone else relax If you’re stress-free, someone close to you could probably use some help attaining the same state of mental peace.

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This page will suggest ways to empower yourself and play an active role in the way you live day-to-day with your illness. Regular appointments with your health care provider and attendance at DBSA support group meetings, in addition to the suggestions outlined here, can put a healthy lifestyle within your reach.

But one holiday that’s made its way into our calendars is National Relaxation Day (a.k.a August 15). We know that relaxation should be a part of every day, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen. In our modern world, stress seems to be part of our every day lives.

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